I've Made A Huge Mistake
An Arrested Development re-watch podcast, twice weekly with a variety of guests.
S4:E14 – Off the Hook

Darren talks to Dave Stone-Robb (The Reelist) about the Buster episode from season 4.

S4:E13 – It Gets Better

Darren talks to Eric Harzer (Topic TBD) about the first George Michael episode of season 4.

S4:E12 – Senoritis

Darren and Amber talk about the Maeby episode of season 4.

S4:E11 – A New Attitude

Darren taks to Kevin Lynch about the second GOB episode of season 4.

S4:E10 – Queen B

Darren talks to Jordan Sam (War and Beast) about the only Lucille episode of season 4, Queen B.

S4:E9 – Smashed

Darren talks to Enrique Del Castillo about the second Tobias episode, Smashed.

S4:E8 – Red Hairing

Darren is joined by Enrique Del Castillo to discuss the second Lindsay episode of Season 4.

S4:E7 – Colony Collapse

Kevin joins Darren to talk about GOB's first episode of the season, wherein he makes a huge mistake, and welcomes darkness, his old friend.